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USS Corry (DDR-817) was built by Consolidated Shipyards at Orange, Texas, and first commissioned on 27 February 1946.

Corry is a Gearing class destroyer, with a standard displacement of 2425 tons. When fully loaded with fuel, personnel allowance, stores, ammunition, etc, her displacement increases to 3300 tons. She is 390 feet, 6 inches in length and 40 feet 10 inches in beam, or width. She is heavily armed, with multiple 5 inch dual-purpose rifles, 3 inch anti­aircraft guns, various types of antisubmarine ordnance, and miscel­laneous small armament. Her peacetime allowance is 16 officers and 290 men.

With her present conversion to DDR, Radar Destroyer or "Pick­et Ship", Corry boasts the most modern and effective electronics in­stallation of the destroyer types.

With her speed, armament, and electronic fire control and detec­tion equipment, she will indeed be a formidable foe for any hostile air, surface, or undersea unit.

Named after Lieutenant Commander William Merrill Corry, an heroic Naval Aviator and Congressional Medal of Honor winner (see biography), the present ship is the third destroyer to bear the name Corry. The first Corry was decommissioned and broken up in 1930 in accordance with the London Treaty, which limited Naval strength.

The second Corry established a valiant record during World War II, ramming and sinking one enemy submarine in the Atlantic, and ma­terially assisting in the destruction of another. While covering the early landings in the Normandy, she was holed by an enemy mine and sunk.

The present Corry has been engaged, since her commissioning in 1946, in post war operations in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, travel­ing in excess of 200,000 miles, and visiting extensively in friendly European sea coast countries.

On 1 April 1953, Corry was decommissioned at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia, for modernization and conversion to DDR. Upon completion of fitting out and readiness-for-sea trials, she will join the U. S. Atlantic Fleet at Norfolk Virginia, as a member of Destroyer Division 262.