213 Pictures from Jim Bettis HM2

1971 - 1973

A Shipmate's Finger 2.jpg

A Shipmate's Finger.jpg

Assorted Intoxicated Corry Snipes.jpg

BM2 Cheslock and Me. Get a load of that rum & coke!.jpg

BM2 David Cheslock and Me at Corry Bar in Venice.jpg

BM3 Jackson BM2 David Cheslock HM3 Bettis in Naples Italy.jpg

Bridge Lookout Yankee Station Vietnam 1972.jpg

Bridge Scene_png.jpg

CDR Hollanbach SQDRN CDR_png.jpg

CDR Hollenbach chat's with skipper of the Belknap.jpg

CDR Hollenbach listens to COMCRUDESLANT babble incoherantly.jpg

CIC By NIghtlight.jpg

CIC Crew.jpg

CIC crew_png.jpg

CIC Plotting Nam Targets_png.jpg

Clearing pallets Helo Detail Nov 1971.jpg

Combat Zone Bridge 1_png.jpg

Corry at Sea 1971.jpg

Corry Snipes spend Xmas in Machine Shop on Greece.jpg


Departing Norfolk_png.jpg

Departing St. Thomas.jpg

Destroyer on Yankee Station via Starlight Scope.jpg

Destroyers on Yankee Station as viewed through Starlight Scope.jpg

Dressing a wound on shipmate.jpg

Ens Geffken explains how to sail the seven seas...jpg

Ens Rainey Officer or Alien hybrid...Still waiting for an answer...jpg

Ensign Rainey on Bridge_png.jpg

Frank Bodek looks over Helenic Shipyards.jpg

Free Climbing Athens Greece.jpg

GC Ya just gotta love your job...jpg

GC One of FOUR shots in the buttj.jpg

GM3 Mike Holmes maintains balance by Asroc Launcher.jpg

Helenic Shipyards Athens Greece Xmas 1971.jpg

High Seas amidships.jpg

High Seas on Helo Deck.jpg

Highline Med-evac of Shipmate with avulsed finger.jpg

HM Sprayingbugsn Sick Bay_png.jpg

HM with CIC crew_png.jpg

HM3 Bettis and RD3 Paul Weller.jpg

HM3 Bettis in Hammock_png.jpg

HM3 Bettis on Pier Skaramanga Greece 1971.jpg

HMC O'Laughlin by Mount 52 1971.jpg

Hot and humid transit through the canal but great fishing!.jpg



















In Foreign Ports this is Mail Call.jpg

It takes two hands to handle a whopper...jpg

Jack Hebert tells dirty jokes in French to his non-French speaking pal...jpg

James B. Green and....jpg

Japan 2.jpg


Japanese guy walking down Japanese street in Japan.jpg

Japanese Women in Japan.jpg

JB Green and Pal Helo Detaiil.jpg

Jim Stephens at cave entrance.jpg


LCDR Gerald J. McCormack Skipper of the Corry and hero to the crew.jpg

Listening to Ping_png.jpg

Little Tommy Tug Boat...jpg

Look Ma No Hands!!!.jpg

Looking back at the fantail 1971.jpg

Looking towards fantail railings shattered by waves.jpg

Lt Bushing says I can get my head that far up your ass SIR...jpg

LT Feuerborn's CIC Crew.jpg

Mail Call in Greece_png.jpg

Main Deck Awash_png.jpg

Main Port in the Med Naples Italy.jpg

Me and a friendly Greek Sign Skaramanga Greece.jpg

Me and QM3 Fox on bridge.jpg

Me and Tommy Spade in Machine Shop on Xmas.jpg

Medevac aboard Corry Nov 1971.jpg

Medevac aboard Corry2 Nov 1971.jpg

Medevac aboard Corry3 Nov 1971.jpg

Men Tommy Spade_png.jpg

Mess Decks aboard Corry 1971.jpg

Mess Decks aboard Corry2 1971.jpg

Microscopic Exam of drippy discharge.jpg

More injured and yet drunken snipes....jpg

Mountain Climbing around Athens Greece.jpg

Movin' in for Linebacker Duty South Vietnam.jpg

Moving into position for Linebacker Duty Yankee Station N. Vietnam.jpg



On Deck watching for adventure...jpg

One Handsome Navy Corpsman.jpg

One of a zillion fountains in Barcelona Spain.jpg

OS3 Kevin Astley OS1 Unknown_png.jpg

Oslo Norway_png.jpg

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! He says...jpg

Our Top Secret Radar Array.jpg

OX Division Ship's Office.jpg

OX Division QM3 O'Shea & QM2 Elmore.jpg

OX Division Sn Frank Bodek.jpg

OX Division_png.jpg

OX shipmate STG3 Bob Ireland and BT3 Charlie Elliott.jpg

Panama Canal 1_png.jpg

Panama Canal 3_png.jpg

Passing time and gas at the plotting table.jpg

Paul Weller visits Japan with round eyes.jpg

Performing Gram Stain for VD.jpg

Pinging with Sonar because it sounds cool...jpg

Plot Chart in CIC.jpg

PO3 Fox would alway flash anyone who passed by his bunk...jpg

Prep for Highline_png.jpg








QM2 Glenn Elmore always came back for seconds...jpg

QM2 Glenn Elmore always loved getting shots...jpg

QM2 Glenn Elmore finally gave in. Three's enough...jpg

QM2El more Immunizations_png.jpg

QM3 Fox in bunk_png.jpg

R&R On St. Thomas Virgin Islands USA.jpg

RD1 Somebody and RD3 Kevin Astley in CIC hatch.jpg

RD3 Astley RD3 Weller and HM3 Bettis.jpg

RD3 Kevin Astley and HM3 Jim Bettis.jpg

Recording VD reports.jpg

Refueling Detail 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail10 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail11 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail12 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail13 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail14 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail15 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail16 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail17 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail181971.jpg

Refueling Detail2 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail3 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail4 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail5 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail6 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail7 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail8 1971.jpg

Refueling Detail9 1971.jpg

Replenishing supplies from Helo Nov 1971.jpg

Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy.jpg

Riding High Seas on Helo Deck.jpg

Rough Seas_png.jpg

Rx Clap_png.jpg

Sailing the Med 1971.jpg

Shark watch for diver 1971.jpg

Ship's Office 1971.jpg

Ship's Office2 1971.jpg

Showing how high waves were.jpg

Siesta in Panama with HM3 Bettis.jpg

Singaling Enterprise Nov 1971.jpg

Skipper McCormack_png.jpg

Small Arms fire from Forecastle Nov 1971.jpg

Small Arms fire from Forecastle2 Nov 1971.jpg

Souda Bay Crete 1971.jpg

Soudha Bay Crete Med Cruise 1971.jpg

Soudha Bay Crete Med Cruise2 1971.jpg

St Thomas VI_png.jpg

Surfing on Wave_png.jpg

Suturing BTFN Bohmert a second time in one week.jpg

Suturing BTFN John Bohmert twice in one week.jpg

Takin' it easy sleeping in a hammock on the ASROC deck.jpg

Tetanus Time for SN Frank Bodek.jpg

That's the O'Hare in front of us...jpg

Tonkin Gulf Y Station_png.jpg

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club 1972-73 Restored.jpg

Top Secret Array on Corry.jpg

Top Secret Radar Array getting beaten by waves.jpg

Train Depot Oslo Norway.jpg

Transit through the Panama Canal to the West Coast.jpg

Trinket Shoppe in Barcelona.jpg

USN Dropkick's HMC O'Laughlin out of the Navy.jpg

USS O'Hare and USS Corry in Venice.jpg

Venice Italy.jpg

Venice Water Taxi.jpg

Vertical Replenishment Nov 1971.jpg

Vertrep Ammo Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep Ammo2 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep Ammo3 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep Ammo4 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep2 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep3 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep4 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep5 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep6 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vertrep7 Nov 1971 Med Cruise.jpg

Vietnam Coastline 1_png.jpg

Waiting for the locks to fill.jpg

Water on the main deck 1971.jpg

We don' need no stinkin' ropes!.jpg

We followed the USS O'Hare through the canal.jpg

Whitewater covered the main deck and sometimes 2nd deck!.jpg

Xmas Snipes Mach Shop_png.jpg

Xmas Snipes Skaramanga_png.jpg

Xmas with Snipes_png.jpg